Global GMO Movie Night – Saturday, June 15th Indianapolis Screening!

Indianapolis Action Group Presents: Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives. Screening this Saturday at Birdy’s Bar & Grill, film starting at 7:00 pm
Birdy’s is located at 2131 E 71st St, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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In the wake of the startling findings that GM corn causes massive tumors, liver damage and shortened life spans in rats (, it is vital now more than ever to educate friends and family about the dangers of GM food. Genetic Roulette couldn’t have arrived at a better time. A production of the Institute for Responsible Technology, Genetic Roulette features interviews with farmers, scientists, physicians, educators and chefs who explore the dangers of genetically engineered food. The film is by Jefferey Smith, author of The Seeds of Deception, and seeks to expose “the unintended but real health consequences of genetically engineering our food,” said promoter Rodney Robinson. The documentary covers everything from the basic defining criteria of genetically modified organisms to California Ballot Initiative 37. Genetic Roulette also examines the significant connection between GM food and the rise of birth defects, autism, allergies and intestinal damage.

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Promoted in partnership with March Against Monsanto, GMO FREE USA, Mom Across America, Sustainable Pulse, LabelGMos, Institute for Responsible Technology and more!